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the Egyptians claim bees grew from the tears of the Sun God Ra when they landed on the desert sand. It was believed to be the sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld. To them honey was liquid gold.


James Franco is sooooo adorable em We Heart It.


Here have Dylan O’Brien kissing

The First Time (x)


"There’s a first time for everything…”


love this feeling…



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Tip for Chinese Tea Ceremony:

It is common in southern Chinese culture such as the Cantonese, light finger tapping is a custom for thanking the tea master or tea server for tea. After a person’s cup is filled, that person may knock their bent index and middle fingers (or some similar variety of finger tapping) on the table to express gratitude to the person who served the tea.

But in other parts of China it is only acceptable if for some reason you cannot actually say thank you at that moment, for example if you are in the middle of talking with someone else at the table.



Breakfast around the world

I want to eat them all.

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Last week, it was our Summer Fling picks for adult fiction. Today, our Young Adult Fiction Summer Fling with a Book Hive Booklist! (We know: It needs a better title. =) )

And as you can see, it took just a teensy bit longer because our readers overwhelmingly preferred YA - here’s everything we recommended for romance, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery/thriller, plus a few bonus beach reads to boot. Thank you to everyone who submitted a personality quiz - we had a fantastic summer with our summer fling readers!

And in case you missed it, we got you covered for fall books, too!